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Alison Palic

Why Pilates?
Because it’s our body that plays golf,
not the set of clubs!

Pilates for Golf allows golfers to consistently hit the ball farther and straighter, while reducing the risk of injury and pain.

Pilates for golf is designed to specifically enhance the biomechanics of the golf swing. Customized Pilates for GOLF programs can be designed for optimal results, allowing golfers many years enjoying the game.

Pilates is a technique for moving in a way that is the most efficient, natural, and pain-free. Practicing Pilates will result in a total change in how you move in life- whether it is teeing off, putting, walking the course, lifting your golf bag, driving to the course, or having a drink afterwards.

Pilates principles:

  • Core strength
  • Strength with flexibility
  • Lengthening the spine
  • Alignment and posture
  • Stability and balance
  • Focus
  • Breathing

X factor: the greater the difference between shoulder and hip turn, the greater coil and thus, more potential for power. Working on flexibility from the neck, through the torso to the waist for increased rotation, combined with pelvic stability for less hip rotation increases the X-factor.


Golf package intensive
6 private sessions          
6 mat classes (interchangeable)*
Pilates for Golf video
*any mat class offered

Private session & video
Single private session $95
Pilates for Golf video $25